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Aloe chabaudii taken in South Africa. Also known as the Kleinaalwyn. Grows up to 800mm high.

Royalty-free images of other aloe plants.

Aloe vera flowers in the field
Aloe vera flowers
© Photographer: Ricky Goshen | Agency:

Wild Aloe
Wild Aloe
© Photographer: Stephanus Gouws | Agency:

Aloe Humilis flowers blooming inside of the desert greenhouse within Chenshan Botanical Garden shanghai China.
Aloe Flowers
© Photographer: Tempestz | Agency:

Sliced aloe vera fresh leaves isolated on white background
slice aloe vera fresh leaf isolated on white
© Photographer: Lovelyday12 | Agency:

Aloe vera fresh leaf isolated on white background.
Aloe vera fresh leaf isolated on white background
© Photographer: Pranee Tiangkate | Agency:

Aloe Vera leaves on white background
Aloe Vera leaves
© Photographer: Nipaporn Panyacharoen | Agency:

Aloe vera on white background
Aloe vera
© Photographer: Satit Srihin | Agency:
Close up aloe vera with water drop
Aloe vera
© Photographer: Juefraphoto | Agency:
Close up Aloe Vera Plant, outdoor pots
Aloe Vera Plant
© Photographer: Nevada31 | Agency:



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