The race for vaccinations in 2021 will be ongoing as the Covid-19 virus mutates. The longer it take to get a cure for the dreaded virus the more mutations develop making current anti-viral drugs less effective. Everyone is unsure about the future and how well these vaccines work.

Mom and little boy during vaccinations at the pediatrician`s
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Mom and cute little boy during vaccinations at the pediatrician`s

Child vaccinations
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A child vaccinations close up

Child with her mother on visit at doctor afraid vaccinations
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Child with her mother on a visit at the doctor afraid vaccinations

Who will get the vaccine first. If a countries leaders forget to pay the deposit for the vaccine then that is a disaster. Distribution is not always fair in our times, just look at Poland, companies are giving celebrities priority over the general population. Corruption will see it’s face as usual and people with the fattest wallets will find a way to push into the queue’s.

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The rate of vaccinations will ultimately determine how quickly lockdowns can be lifted.

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Ivorian children participating in the mother / child social caravan allowing all children of idle families to do at least the vaccinations of mothers and children.

Surabaya indonesia, may 21, 2014. a health worker gave vaccinations to children
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Surabaya City Health Office has a social service program by providing health services for free to residents of Surabaya.

It is important to develop a large variety of anti-viral drugs so that any mutation can be arrested and spread minimized. As with all research it costs money and this time it really depends on government policy and if they are willing to work with pharmaceutical companies. They will have to trust each other.

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You will need all these things for vaccinations

Vials and syringe
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Vials and syringe with blue serum isolated on white background

Ampoule and syringe
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Ampoule and syringe isolated on a white

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